I’m an iOS developer

I write Objective C/Swift for view layer (views, animations, etc.) and for backend layer (network calls, data management, etc.). I design databases in Core Data. I am full-stack.

I’m also a front-end web developer

I write HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. I turn design comps into web pages. I make things look the same across different browsers.


I do that too. I can set up continuous integration/delivery, servers, and keep things running. I can write various scripts in order to make a developer life easier.

About me, in short

  • 11 years of experience as a developer and 3 years focused solely on iOS development
  • people person, great team player who always willing to help others
  • not afraid of using terminal
  • always ready to learn new things
  • strong design sense, love to working on animations
  • regularly reading blogs and follow with trends
  • big fan


  • Fascinated in iOS development: Swift, Obj-C, Animations, UIKit, Core Data, Push Notifications, Xcode, AppCode, CocoaPods etc.
  • Expert in Apple distribution: App Store, Test Flight, Fabric, Fastlane, etc.
  • Expert in JavaScript: Vanilla JS, OO JavaScript, JS MVC, AJAX, Mobile JS, SPA, etc.
  • Expert in front-end: HTML5, CSS3, responsive web design, Grunt, Gulp, Bower, mobile web, etc.
  • Expert in Bash, GIT, PM products (Atlassian, Basecamp, Trello), etc.
  • Expert in Adobe products and graphics optymalization for web
  • Familiar with UI design: UX, UCD, prototyping, auditing services, suggest solutions